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Solar Energy Products: Industry Leading Solar PV & ESS

Discover the freedom of Independent Energy

  • Solar Systems

    A photovoltaic system uses the power of the sun to generate electricity

  • Energy Storage Solutions

    ESS enables you to store energy for emergencies or to use at night

  • Intuitive Home Technology

    Smart panels, load management, and integrated solutions for your home or business


Delivering Solar Energy Solutions

Download our white paper on an integrated approach to see how CKR keeps you in control. Power your energy independence with an all-in-one solution.

Benefits of CKR Solar

Best in-class products. In order to be the best, you must sell the best.

  • 25 Year Production Warranty

    25 year production guarantee on all solar modules

  • 25 Year Micro-Inverter Warranty

    Stand protected with Enphase 25 year warranty on inverters

  • 10 Year ESS Warranty

    Battery systems to protect your home or business

  • 25 Year Workmanship Warranty

    Your system is built to last

  • 25 Year Roof Warranty

    Ensure your system withstands the elements 

  • Engineered to Last

    Have your system engineered and installed to surpass code requirements

Engineering & Designing Solar Energy Products

Talk to the experts in solar design and installation

  • Electrical Design

    Ensure your system is designed to meet an ever-changing list of code requirements

  • Structural Design

    Determine the correct way to mount solar panels.

  • Energy Consulting

    We provide consulting services for businesses looking to save money on the energy costs and improve plant energy consumption

Man researching solar energy products.