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Independent Energy: Get Off-Grid with Solar Power 

Solar energy is an alternative solution to energy independence and cost reduction for home and business owners. By investing in solar energy, you can reduce your dependence on the energy company to provide your electricity, as well as add value to your home. Solar energy is a renewable energy source, and it offers a viable solution to rising energy costs by eliminating the need to purchase energy from the energy company. Solar energy offers an opportunity to take control of energy costs, contribute to the environment, and reduce the strain on the energy company. With solar energy available year-round in Florida and Georgia it can be used to power your home for a fraction of the cost of electricity from the energy company.

Electric energy costs in the state of Florida are on the rise. This is due to a combination of factors, including the increasing demand for power, higher fuel costs, and infrastructure upgrades. The demand for electricity has increased significantly in recent years due to population growth and increased reliance on electricity-powered devices. This has caused the demand to outpace the available supply, resulting in higher costs for electricity for the consumer.

Independent Energy in Florida and Georgia

CBS News reports that Florida residents and businesses will likely get hit with higher electric bills in 2023 due to the high price of natural gas. Florida Statutes Ch XXVI 366.8255 Environmental cost recovery and 366.826 Storm-recovery financing also place upward pressure on the third most populous state. If the state Public Service Commission approves the proposals of Florida Power & Light, Duke Energy Florida, and Tampa Electric Co., each will result in higher monthly bills in 2023.

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, there are currently 1,741,582 solar energy systems operating in Florida. Investing in solar energy is a smart move for Florida residents and businesses that are looking for ways to reduce their energy costs and become energy-independent.

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